App for your survival in NYC

I remember my first day at NYU. I had to go different locations for classes from midtown to downtown, and it was a challenge for me as a stranger. Living in the new city made me depend on the technology, my iPhone 4, so much.

When I got my iPhone 5 on October 2012, my excitement changed into disappointment. Apple got rid of Google Map, which was an essential app for my survival in New York. Apple’s map required users to download a different application to make a route, in addition to its inaccurate map database.

After massive complaints from iPhone users, Apple granted Google Maps on the App Store in December 2012. Google Maps is the most convenient and essential app for anybody like tourists, students who go to school in a strange place, business travelers.


Lets find Google Maps on the App Store.


You can find Google Maps installed in your iPhone.


When you open the app, it shows your current location.


The weather is beautiful. Lets go to Bryant Park. When you click the little car at the right bottom corner, you can see different options.


Different routes and options (by car, by public transportation, or even by walk!) are shown here. Lets select the first option.


It will show your overall travel in the map. If you want to see detailed travel, click the space at the bottom.


This app also conveniently works as a GPS for your driving. With Google Maps,  you can go as far as you can 😀

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