Mobile Marketing in 2013


In 2012, there were many things happened in the technology industry, specifically the tablet PC and smartphone market. Microsoft introduced new tablet PC in order to survive and secure its market share in the tablet PC market. Apple and Samsung introduced new versions of smartphones, iPhone and Galaxy, and fighting in the court over an issue that Samsung violated some copyright and patent of Apple or not.

These changes in the mobile market directly impacts on digital marketers, as they need to adjust their strategies. Mobile marketing is so important and has become closer to consumers’ lives. People participate in sweepstake with their mobile devices, watch Super Bowl and share their feelings about Super Bowl ads. In order to be competitive to be in a better market position, marketers should know what would come next. So, what’s going on in the year 2013. There are great predicts from experts, and surprise! Mobile will be still and more powerful in 2013.

It is predicted that more money and efforts for mobile marketing will be needed. According to SNIPP, like companies spent more on website building, “(we) expect to see many more companies carve out discrete marketing budgets for mobile marketing (and not just for experimentation). Mondelez (the company formerly known as Kraft Foods) recently announced it would spend 10% of its global marketing budget on mobile. Expect more to do the same.”

Why increasing mobile market budget? The logics behind as follows:

  • People use more than one digital device; therefore, versatility of context is critical. Business should prepare a platform that consumers can access its online content using any kinds of devices (recreating already built website is also included!)
  • 20% of consumers rely on their Internet usage through mobile. The rate of multi-screen users are increasing, and PC or Mac is no more essential tool for internet usage. (8 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2013-icrossing)

Well, now we can imagine the competition on the mobile marketing would become serious.  How to stand out amongst your competitors? that depends on how you create more interactive design and UX so that consumers spend more time with your mobile environment. Also, consumers would leave if you don’t provide any thing such as offers, news and STORY! Companies ask for consumers’ time, effort (hit a like button), attention and loyalty. But if there’s nothing to keep them around, they will leave very soon.

Mashable  introduces 5 Flaws in Your Mobile Marketing Strategy, and one of the flaws talks about this. “Without the perception that value is mutual, the relationship becomes essentially one-sided and unrequited. The customer may attempt to end the relationship — perhaps permanently. Regardless of the strategies or technologies employed, successful mobile marketing relies heavily on a fair and evenly balanced value exchange between consumer and brand. Given the intensely personal nature of smart devices, coupled with the fact that the device is nearly always within arm’s reach, it becomes extremely important that mobile marketing avoids being intrusive and irrelevant. Marketing at the target with brand-centric storytelling, wherever and however she may encounter you, allow the tale to travel along with her as she goes. Communicate the narrative, allow the mobile medium to reveal ensuing chapters in a continuum of branded engagements.

In short, in 2013 mobile marketing should be more:

  • responsive design for context (compatible with different mobile devices)
  • storytelling
  • interactive

Sources (provided by Professor Rhodes)

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