Persuade me if you can

As our lives are submerged with ecommerce and social network, companies and marketing managers can earn benefits from the digital world. However, there are so many companies already attract consumers and encourage them to buy more in the digital world. So, what should we do to be more attractive, appealing and selling?

Digital Persuasion

Marketing managers can persuade its consumers by utilizing several tactics, including free samples, social proof, authority, scarcity and conditioning. Lets look at each tactic.

  • Free samples: one of the effective old-school tactics. Business can distribute samples and trials to promote products/services. One of examples I have had was foot massage at a music festival. Just imagine that you are feet are tired after series of music. My kill hill is about to kill my feet and I found a foot massage company giving free foot massages to the attendees. I saw heaven in the comfort chair.
  • Social proof: Word of mouth is another effective tactics. It makes a product more reliable, credible and worth to try on because your friends/colleague/parents/acquaintance said so. In the digital world, social proof help consumers share ideas and reviews in a more faster and broader way. When you share a post on Facebook, it will be shown in your hundreds friends’ timeline. It is an easy and cost-saving way for business if your upload is worthy/funny/attractive enough.
  • Authority: Well, more credible way than social proof can be authority. “This website is certified by ……”
  •  Scarcity: Lets say the product you have eyed on is limited supply or time, how desperate you would want? The less it is limited, the more you want.
  • Conditioning: conditioning is connects the brand to good emotion so that consumers associate the brand in a positive way.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Lets see examples from Bobbi Brown how the company persuaded its audiences on Facebook page.


Scarcity: Bobbi Brown used Facebook to introduce its limited seasonal products- pink and red products for the Valentine’s Day. Bobbi Brown also kindly demonstrated the classic French manicure.


Conditioning: or should I say unity? This was posted on February 7, before the Valentine’s Day. The brand encouraged its audiences who would spend their Valentine’s Day with friends to like. This posting collected 2,290 likes, 18 comments and 101 shares. (Sisters, you will meet someone wonderful soon<3 )


Conditioning: this kind of posting often can be seen on Bobbi Brown’s Facebook page. Since its audiences are women age 20-30 who have a certain level of income, work, like to groom themselves and want self-empowerment. This kind of encouraging quotes support women’s emotional feelings (adding to this, many women appreciate this kind of self-empowering, self-improving and cheerful messages on social network sites.) This is a nice way to capture audience and persuade them that Bobbi Brown is right here to support them.


Sample offers: The last persuasion I found from Bobbi Brown’s Facebook page is free sample offers. Bobbi Brown offers “Pick 3 samples with any order at & check out our NEW samples that we know you’ll love.” Offerings 3 samples and mysterious smaples? Doesn’t this make you curious what’s the new samples as well as wanting the 3 samples in addition to your purchase.

I analyzed Bobbi Brown’s Facebook page, and I found several types of digital persuasion: scarcity, conditionings and sample offers. In addition, Bobbie Brown asks its page likers to comment for questions like which product they can’t live without. Except authority, Bobbi Brown is using digital persuasion tactics brilliantly, and its audiences remain fervent.

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