Wedding Invitation Meets QR Code

I’ve seen an article that people look at their own smartphones while they are with others. Isn’t it so weird that  couples look at their smartphones on their dates? I look back myself, and I can’t help but admit that I always hold my smartphone while my boyfriend take me out a dinner, so does my boyfriend.

We are living in somewhere between the real life and the digital world.

Wedding invitation meets QR Code

QR Code on a wedding invitation is so popular in South Korea. A lot of people now use Smartphone, and we love everything fast, new, technology! (58.5% of communications users are smartphone owners as of August 2012. the highest smartphone ownership rate in the world)

ImageImage(image source: google)

QR codes take invitees to a mini URL which contains photos and videos of brides and grooms.


Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.23.20 AM

I googled some other American wedding invitations with QR code. This is a wedding blog that a QR code will take you to. Along with the photo and videos, RSVP,gift registry, guest books and a map are accessible on wedding websites.




It is amazing that an event of life is associated with digital and provides convenience to brides, grooms, families and frieds.

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