Yelp with Augmented Reality

When Google announced its plan on Google Glasses, I was fascinated. After watching the introduction video, the first thing came in my mind was Iron Man and Minority Report. And realized that the technology is right ahead of us and soon to be communized in the near future. How fun is it if I can call my friend, record a video clip and get a direction with a pair of glasses.

You don’t really need these glasses if you have a smartphone. There are many apps with augmented-reality feature. And, there is one free app for a foodie and traveler.


My lifesaver since I moved in New York. Whenever my stomach tumbles, I look up the app and find a good restaurant near me. Also, it is a great and credible app because you can read reviews and ratings of real customers. This fascinating app offers an augmented-reality feature.


The Monocle feature of Yelp shows you restaurants by utilizing iPhone users’ location, compass and camera. On the screen a list of restaurant appears on where you stand with ratings, the number of reviews, cuisine type, price range and distance. While you look around with your phone, you can touch the name of restaurant. Then Yelp will take you to the regular Yelp restaurant information page.

This is very simple feature. However, if you are traveling an unfamiliar place and don’t have a plan where to eat, this is the feature for you.

This is not my daily-using app, but I like this feature. Because I like to combine an augmented-life fun and a gourmet fun together!

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