Challenge with Mobile Marketing

Image2012 was my first time shopping on the Black Friday. I remember I was waiting for the store to be open at 9:00pm. I brought my blanket and hot coco in the tumbler, but it was very cold. Driving back home was another pain at 4:00 am. I wonder if I can do this this year too. I had lots of fun and I shopped a lot, but I wish there was something alternative.

The alternative was online shopping. Before I left my journey, I enjoyed other decent big discounts online. It seems that it wasn’t only me who did online shopping. According to, Black Friday online sales in 2012 increased 20.7 percent from 2011. This percentage was largely derived by the mobile shopping masses.

This means that mobile marketing is significantly important for the business. There are many good examples of digital marketing, but there are still many companies that have to work on their mobile marketing from mobile web design to flexible screen optimization. Also, they have to come up with ROI measurement because the mobile marketing is relatively new for them.

My focus is technological issue.

I am an iPhone user, and there’s one thing I don’t like about my phone is that I cannot enter a website with Adobe Flash. Now many companies have changed their technical details, but there are still many website that I can’t enter, especially travel related website that require a lot of pictures. Also, changing company’s website takes some money, and not all of companies set the budget for the website design because it is not their biggest concern. However, mobile website is where they can meet the customers and introduce their offerings. Mobile webpages should be improved so that customers can get into the website regardless of their smartphone types.

사진 1 사진 2

Also, screen size matters. My university’s login page maintains always same regardless of my access device. It’s ok, but when I use my phone, I always have to zoom-in the screen first and put my id and password. After log in, website on my phone is exactly same as the computer website, so I need to expand the screen again to tap the menu. This is not a big problem; however, if this were a clothing brand’s website where customers always zoom in to put the information and to look around the products?

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