Better website, better performance?


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Official company websites have been very important in today’s world as more portable devices are used. Company’s face gives me a sense of who they are and I determine whether I make a further relationship like social network or not. This is because I believe those who are actively representing themselves tend to communicate with their customers through social media and more promotional events are held.

Better design, flexible design fitting into any type of devices, and so on. The ugly-but-anyway-I-have-a-website era has ended. People’s eyes became more sophisticated. However, creating a website with beautiful design is not the end of job in terms of digital marketing. The website has to be carefully and strategically built that it can maintain the brand image and deliver brand’s equity.

United Airlines and Delta

Remember my last posting about United Airlines? Lack of design-aspect and user friendly website. Regardless of its service and price, the website does not deliver the brand image. (Well, my experience tells me its service is not great either) Compared to other airline company, especially Delta, UA’s website looks cheap and unsupportive and took less effort to build.Image

For instance, I looked into Delta’s mobile website. At the home page, ‘book a flight’ and ‘check in’ are not Delta’s priority. Check fight status is the one thing Delta cares about. The company understands that traveler book a flight using the 3rd party travel websites, and access Delta’s homepage to check up flight schedule or check in, especially with their mobile devices. I really like the idea that the company understands its customers’ behavior and gives the best what they can offer.

On the other hand, Delta highlights book a trip feature on Delta’s full HTML site (the desktop version.) Very different highlighting different features from its mobile website. This is because people search more airlines schedules and prices in a sophisticated and complicated way when they use their computers, not mobile devices. (I mean, 10 tabs for searching for the cheapest flight, in my case) Also, an attractive background (looking like Bing’s background) is a bonus that web visitors can enjoy and dream about their travel experience.

According to Joan Lowy from Huffingtonpost, United Airlines had the worst performance that consumer complaint rate nearly doubled in2012. United’s consumer complaint rate was 4.24 complaints per 100,000 passengers. Whereas, Delta was one of the top five airlines with lower complain rate. This rank cannot be all to judge, but it seems clear that airlines with better performance does better job on delivering brand image through website and developing it. (Besides consumer complaints rate, on-time arrivals, mishandled bags, consumer complaints and passengers who bought tickets but were turned away because flights were over booked were measured for the ranking of the 14 largest U.S. airlines.)

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