Effective webpage builder for small hotels

iHotelier Web 3.0 is a convenient tool that hotels can attract customers by customizing its reservation process.

I have classes held across Bryant Park, so I spent some times walking around the park. The Bryant Park Hotel is one that I passed by a few times.


This is the home page of The Bryant Park Hotel. With the theme color of black and red, the homepage allows visitors to look around the website. Once visitors decide to stay at this hotel, they can click reservations, which will take them to the site built by iHotelier Web 3.0.


The reservation section is naturally integrated with the homepage in terms of color and ambience.

According to TravelClick, the  provider of iHotelier Web 3.0, the technology provides its clients with various benefits such as customization of website, easy-to-use content management module and analytics using Google Analytics. Visitors would not notice this is built separately because reservation menu looks seamless, integrated and harmonized with the website. In addition, it helps visitors reserve a room by categorizing the reservation section, hotel pictures, and features of the hotel. For the hotels, they can build a reservation process effortlessly with up-to-date digital marketing skills, like using videos, image slideshow and virtual tours. Adding to this, hotels can track records such as conversion rate so that they can build a stronger and more effective reservation page.

Woohoo! Sounds like an assorted package for the small hotels that have a limited budget and want to optimize the website.

Watch the demo video to see how it works.

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