Breakfast at Saks Fifth Avenue

New semester has kicked off. pens, check! notes, check! printed syllabus, check! Hmm, what I am missing now?

I need a new tote bag!!!!!!!!

As I realize my needs, I visit Saks Fifth Avenue. They carry a wide range of items and various brands from the one I can afford to the one I would never afford.

Brand’s image: You will feel luxury as I am


(image from

When I don’t have a particular things to buy, I still visit the website. Looking around fancy brands, new arrivals, new designs are super fun. As if Audrey Hepburn stood in front of Tiffany’s store and enjoyed her breakfast in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. (I did look around Saks Fifth Avenue’s website for a new tote while I was having my sandwich for lunch today!!)


Smart shopping: I know what you like. Leave it all to me.


When I enter the website and scroll a little down, I can find “you may also like” section. Based on my previous visit, the site gives me a list of items that I may like. I clicked some leather totes by Longchamp and Rebecca Minkoff. And Voila, they are there again!

I don’t know how this goes exactly without me logging in, but I guess this is possible because of cookie. This is not a recommendation function, I think, but at least the website reminds you of what you have forgot to buy without singing in.

Neat categorizing


At the top of the website, it gives me several menu, categorizing women, men, kids, sales and even an option looking around by brands. I have used other fashion websites, but I found Saks has the most convenient and well-sorted categories among them. Or, maybe I became too comfortable with this website.

My desire for a tote bag didn’t end up with an actual purchase, but I still like the website because it covers brands that I like and I don’t know well and gives me a video peep, different color options, detailed product information.

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