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How can I apply concealer smoothly? How do I do eye makeup for my mono-lid?  All the useful tips, I get them from this website:

Image is one of the websites that I follow on Facebook to get makeup tips and new product news. This website also has a responsive web design, so it works on my all devices including my laptop, iphone, ipad 2 and ipad mini. (no possession of android devices or amazon kindle…)

At the first page, under the menu bar, you can find animated images that feature several topics. Next to the image slide, the website encourages you to connect with them through email and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Pinterest.  I personally prefer getting information through my Facebook account over email newsletter.

Purchase experience

This is not just a blog that gives you free information. not only gives you new product news and makeup tips but also sells beauty products. This, a member of the L’Oreal Groupe, is a E-commerce website with lots of beauty tips and advises. So, I tried with several products to get some purchase experience at

My first choice is YSL’s Mascara. It shows me color options, reviews and shipping methods.



Also, when I rollover the mouse on the picture of the product, I can see zoomed images of the product.


After I choose the color, I hit the ‘add to back button.’ Then, a little recommendation pop-up appeared on the screen and lasted about 10 seconds. One thing I would modify this function is to make it folded into a small button after 10-second appearance and linger within the screen so that I can discover more the recommended products . 10 seconds were too short to scan the other options.


Another thing came into my mind that the color option could have been moved a little bit higher so that consumers can see the colors in one sight on the screen. Or at least the color option box contains actual colors so that consumers can instantly see the color and choose without scrolling down to match the color and the name of the color.

Ok, I clicked the add to bag button and also checked the recommendation items for me. Then, it took me a while to find out shopping cart icon. Is it just only me who couldn’t find the brown bag button? I think it could be redesigned with noticeable color or just simple words saying shopping cart.

Wait, I just realized that this is not I was carried to YSL’s website! Normally I will be notified if the website would take me to another website.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 10.09.27 PM

I didn’t give my credit card information, so my journey is over here. I tried some other brands: Armani,  L’oreal, etc. And I found that I was carried to a specific brand’s website for transaction. Also, there was no way to come back to where I started, What if I purchase a product and want to read things about the product because there is no enough review on YSL’s website.

At first I thought is a combination of a beauty blog and Sephora. However, here I am correcting my words at the above. It’s hard to tell is an e-commerce site. It is rather an aggregator website as if saves your information but leave customer service inquiries to a specific hotel/airline website.

I think that the website can be developed through web test. Ask people what they think about being carried to a specific website.

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