Amazon, the #1 in the Customer Satisfaction

Once upon a time, Amazon was a online source for me only when I had to purchase textbooks at the beginning of each semester in college. Now this is my past, and I rely on Amazon for pretty much everything. Why? because I like it.

I love because it has a wide range of products available, and I enjoy their 2-day free shipping with my prime account.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 7.35.07 PM

I am not the only one who is satisfied with Amazon. In terms of customer satisfaction, the company has ranked number 1 since 2007 among leader online retailers. There are a very little ups and downs in terms of the satisfaction ratings for the brand.


Why Amazon has high customer satisfaction? Like I said at the beginning of the post, many people find the company useful because of its wide selections. Putting the price aside, your website should be prepared with good merchandise to serve people. Wide range of products can be one of the merchandises, appeals and availability can be included. Back to Amazon, its customers shop at Amazon because you can find most brands that you want and products are available all the time. This is how you satisfy your customers and make them loyal to you.

Also, Amazon ranked number one for holiday gift shopping in terms of both web and mobile. The mobile e-commerce has started to grow as many people obtain table PCs and smartphones. Maybe some would comment that Amazon’s mobile could be beneficial from the website’s reputation. However, if its mobile web is not as great as the website, it wouldn’t have been ranked number one in the mobile area.



There can be many drivers to increase customer satisfaction. One of the drivers is that Amazon thinks and develops its app in consumer’s prospective, according to MIT Technology Review’s  interview with Sam Hall, vice president of Amazon.

Mr. Hall said that he spends his time thinking how to make the company’s mobile site father, better and easier to shop in consumer’s shoes.  For example, Amazon’s mobile website gives fast page loads and quick search suggestions for the mobile users.


I also think that pleasant mobile web experience can be one of the drivers because Amazon clearly divides the categories and the location of each icon is easy to access. Also, the wish list icon next to the shopping cart icon is very useful for both the users and the company as users don’t have to explore the whole app to find what s/he saved earlier and it can contribute company’s profit as it can reduce checkout abandonment.

My conclusion:

Any brands should estimate merchandises if it satisfies consumers enough or not. Also, brands that want to increase customer satisfaction should think in a consumer’s perspective for a better, faster and reliable e-commerce experience. Attitude to invent and good-quality web/mobile web design are must-haves.

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