About Me

UntitledHi there! I’m Binna. I am a New York based marketing analyst & strategist. I graduated from NYU holing a M.S. in  Integrated Marketing with a concentration of Marketing Analytics.

I love playing with data and am highly interested in analytics packages. I am versed with Microsoft Office suites (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook) I use softwares such as SPSS, Facebook Insight, Hootsuite, Google Aanlytics and Google AdWords to optimize marketing strategies.

I have 2+ year of market research experiences. I conducted both qualitative and quantitative consumer researches such as new product development study, brand preference study and market feasibility test. My major clients were Korean conglomerates like Hyundai Kia Motors, GM Korea, Ssangyong Motors and LG Electronics.

I am interested in consumer behavior and their thoughts beyond their purchase. I want to practice analytics to dig in more about consumers’ needs and wants for holistic and strategic business decisions.

I’m an animal lover, music lover, traveler, beerholic, wine lover and new-electric-device-lover.

Please add me on Linkedin! linkedin.com/in/bichnaheo

If you have any questions about my, please email me at bh1183@nyu.edu

Thank you!


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