AboutOne: Customer-oriented website

My family casually says about something we lost in the house: “Dobby stole my socks.”ImageWe mean Dobby, a house-elf, from Harry Potter. So, do we have a house-elf at home? no way….. we just put things deep in the drawer and forget where we placed them. 


AboutOne is for people like my family, or anyone who needs an organizer (or filing cabinet) for the family document such as doctor’s note, medical history, health insurance, schoolwork, etc.

As a start-up, the founder & CEO of AboutOne, Joanne Lang works so hard to make things happen, competing to big cloud sources like dropbox. There are a few things that I was impressed (or interested) from her guest speech held for my E-commerce Marketing.

 Critical understanding about her audiences

Unlike other clouds-service providers that targets the general audiences, AboutOne has specific target audiences: baby boomers, families, caregivers, homeschoolers and military. This special selection starts from Joanne’s motherhood with children of four. She is a working mom who has to take care of four young children. This is not easy to remember locations of all different documents about her family and family events. I am not saying that you have to select your target consumers that fits your lifestage. I am saying that deep understanding about your target audience can be a start of your business and will dedicate to your success.

Listen to your audience

Joanne told us that she sometimes chats with her customers after she comes back from work to see how AboutOne’s consumers feel about the product. She doesn’t have to spend a large amount of money on focus groups and workshops to get insights from customers. Her makes a humble and sincere gesture to listen to her customers and tries to reflect any complains or suggestions to the website. Also, as a small company, it is hard to conduct frequent market research, and chatting with customers is a great source to obtain real customer feedback.


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